20 Photographs From The Past that No One Could Ever Solve

Curiosity and desire are what keeps life circulating. While one longs for whatever it wants the other seeks for answers of the unknown. What do you think led the world to evolve in the way it is today, the rise in technology and science, modernism, and all the other global developments? It’s all the work of curiosity and desire that keeps the light burning in this dark tunnel of life.

But there are also hidden truths that were never meant to be revealed, and it has remained that way for years. There are many findings that surfaced in front of us through photographs on the internet but never really came with an explanation to what is happening in these pictures. Here are some of the spookiest, have a look at them and see if they spark an interest in you.


1. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino.

In the background of the painting, we can see a flying object in the sky that resembles a U.F.O. And this painting was from the 15th century, which means the sightings of these flying objects has always been there through history.


2. A time traveler caught in camera.

This picture was taken in the 1940’s. You can see a man in the crowd with black shades, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. Clearly not the apparel they wore in those time so it must be time traveling.


3. The “Solway Firth Spaceman”.

A man took a picture of his daughter, during the time there was no one else present. But then, afterward, a man in spacesuit appeared at the back of the child looking like it was floating in the air. The picture was taken in 1964.


4. The little girl who appeared out of thin air.

This photo was taken in the U.K during the 1940’s. The person who took it said that he just wanted to capture the weird looking tree blown by the strong wind. In the result, a figure of a small girl was captured too. Spooky!