20 Photographs which were A Result of Perfect Coincidence of Time

Technology has come a long way since the day of its commencement and cameras refuses to lag behind in the criteria. The devices assisting us in capturing the moments we find worthy have advanced immensely. Of course, there is a bit of skill involved in everything. However, with some knowledge of the angle and knowing the right timing, anyone can take a good snap.

Deriving inspiration from the pictures in this compilation, you’d understand the importance of perfect timing in the magical world of photography.


1. The dog is imitating the print on this kiddos t-shirt. Is it good planning or just a coincidence?


2. At first, you will think, ‘That’s a nice head of hair’ but then you will have to shift your focus on the face.


3. Cute munchkin fell from the chair.


4. There is definitely a dress code involved in this picture.