16 Photographs Full of Wedding Surprises that are Funny And Unpleasant

Being the know-it-all is a hard job when you’re a human, it’s not possible because even if you’ve checked your schedule 1000 times, mother nature can fool you. As sad as it is true, we can’t control the inexplicable things that happen in our lives.

On the other hand, surprises can be called as the positive counterpart of shock and accidents. If it’s a surprise, you can still somehow go through the hard consequences. For example wedding surprises, it is not the day for the newly-weds to go through any trauma but luck is something we can’t tame. It may disguise in the form of bad weather, outfit malfunctions, hysterical photobombs, etc. On the bright side, the best way to treat them is to add them as memories.

Here are a collection of whacky wedding moments captured and uploaded on the Internet.


1. This Bridal store has Juicy inspired sweatsuits for the brides.

Quite innovative this one.


2. “My friend’s brother’s wedding photo…with their pastor in the background.”

Maybe he has already opened the champagne.


3. Some skeletal candles for the bridal cake.

I think the couple like skeletons, if not then they will freak out.

ashton kootcher

4. Do not mess with this bridal gang.

They are definitely deadly.