16 Vivacious Pictures to Instantly Cure Your Dull Mornings

Mornings are hard. You either are a morning person who loves the fresh air and enjoys the sunrise or you’re a night-lover who is the child of darkness. But in both cases, leaving the bed and waking up is a battleground, a literal push and pull moment happening in the bedroom.

In the meantime, having breakfast is a great feeling. Some good coffee, eggs, cereal, and something good and funny to read. No, we don’t wanna hear about politics early in the morning, so here we have gathered some pictures from the internet to accompany you at the breakfast table. Share it with the family and laugh together.


1. Oh, my Lord, it’s a Labra-Thor!

They’re making his movie as well.


2. I swear this cat is really bossy.

Sitting and waiting for its human to come and feed it.


3. What’s in that black box?

The girls seem to be pulled in by its magnetic field.


4. Is this cute or creepy? I’d say both.

Awww, look at all of them clenching into the fingers.