15 Photos that’ll Fool Your Eyes and Mess With Your Brain

Photographs can trick us so easily because of their versatility in adjusting the angles, light, and sizes of the images. Also, the distance between objects in an image can make a huge difference. So, what I’m trying to say is that photo manipulation and illusions are the easy by-products of photography.

The pictures that we take every day either at home or outside can have weird results which we never saw coming, this is called a virtual illusion. Sometimes the backgrounds and the subjects of the pictures blend in so well that it confuses us to an extreme extent. To get you all the more confused because we love ya’ll, here are the images that will eventually wreck your brain. A lot of physics is in there, enjoy!


1. Apparently, she is enjoying the cooking lessons.

Though it shrank her hand.


2. She is so ready for the battle don’t even ask me.

I wonder who is the red contender since she is in the blue corner.


3. First of all, the guy looks like Justin Bieber.

And second of all, I wanna take this picture with a boyfriend but he doesn’t exist!


4. If that’s how you gonna race, I don’t think you’d win, boy!

Freakishly twisted legs.