16 Juicy Pics that’ll Keep Your Mind Refreshed on a Hot Boring Day

Being bored can trigger different parts of your brain that you’ve never explored before. And when these corners are clicked, they will ignite certain actions, emotions, and feelings that you might feel for the first time. Kinda like when I stare at my palm and fingers for no reason, just staring and wondering what would the kingdom of bacteria on my hands look like. And that’s when I use my sanitizer.

If you are hooked on such a crazy loop don’t you worry because we are here to rescue your boredom and splash you with interesting and confusing pictures. At least it’ll keep your brain busy and occupied and not end up worshipping your palm like me. Yeah, so let’s get on with it.


1. Use these scissors to cut people off from your life when they are too annoying.

Yes, the perfect length for that.

These scissors for cutting wrapping paper. from mildlyinteresting

2. That’s a freaking wooden log in the toilet.

Like, is there any reasonable answer for this?


3. “I was just trying to check if the dog food was alright”.

It’s not what it looks like daddy.


4. Okay, you must be proud of your scores.

But I lost my view on the sparkling red color.