16 Pics with Sheer Humor that’ll Quickly Lighten Your Mood

Every now and then you see someone trying their hand at the humor game. They try to crack jokes which obviously no one laughs at but then there is no stopping them either, is there? All you can do is look them straight in the eye and chortle as if you are planning their murder inside your head and quite enjoying it while you are at it (just kidding or am I?).

Then, there are some instances inciting such effortless humor, you are left thinking if people can be really that funny. Yeah, well some of them can be. If you are lucky enough, you might stumble upon them but if not, then devour the sheer humor these pictures radiate.


1. He sacrificed himself to make us all better and stronger in the most literal way possible.


2. Is that the talking hat we all were talking about in the days? Sort us into houses.


3. Wherever Groot goes, it goes in style. There’s no stopping this guy.


4. When the guy behind this guy was trying to pull a stunt. He looks so gracious.