16 Pitiful Humans who are Facing Unusual Bad Days

How many of you think that life really hates you? Like, ‘tripping to fall over anything possible’ kinda hate or ‘always landing yourself on trouble somehow’ kinda hate. See, one thing that’s for sure is life doesn’t hate you but luck does. Not everyone is lucky but there also a lot of people who survive fine without lucks. And the worst part is there are people whose luck sucks so bad that they become a pro at ruining things.

Wanna see how these people are doing in real life? Well, you came to the right part of the internet. Remain calm because these pictures might make you feel like you’ll catch their viruses. Don’t worry it’s not infectious.


1. The pepper wanted to come all over the egg.

There was no stopping it.


2. She is going to have a bad memory of that kitten.

Not so cute anymore.


3. These are the meanest kind of potholes.

What, did Michigan wanna say something?


4. He won’t be very happy about the nap he took.

Though it gave him dreams and all.