15 Raw Photographs that Beat Photoshop At Every Corner

As photography is becoming more and more advanced, photoshop is considered to be essential to attain the desired effect because of the obvious reasons. The raw and crisp pictures aren’t what one will call a finished product. But, at times, nature plays the game of beauty and the beast. In which it’s the beauty looking all stunning and gorgeous while you are the beast trying to capture it. Fortunately, that’s just for the cameras.

The photographs in the below gallery are of a similar kind. You will find them impressive to start with and then there is the fact that they aren’t edited. Yup, that’s right. These pictures are not photoshopped at all. They are a sight for the eyes.

1. Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park, California. The entire Merced River plunges 100 yards off the rock in a thunderous fashion.


2. Such a majestic scene to be a part of. Lucky cameraman. Or seeing that we are talking about a shark here.


3. The inner perfectionist inside you must be moaning with pleasure.


4. Migrating flamingos arrange themselves into the shape of one giant flamingo.