Photographer Recreates Madonna’s Iconic Photos with His Dog and It’s Glamorous

I don’t know how she does it but the Queen of Pop, Madonna, surely does have her ways in conquering the music generation through and through. The 59-year-old has rocked the stage since the 1980s making her an iconic legend in Pop Music. She is fierce, beautiful, a talented singer, and songwriter, who wouldn’t wanna be like her?

To portray the reflection of the iconic character, fashion photographer Vincent Flouret, pushed the boundaries by working on a unique project to bring the Madonna oomph once again, and guess who is being featured as the star? It’s his precious 6-year-old retriever, Max. The peculiarity of these photographs is as amazing as the minute details Vincent managed to pull off. Just go ahead and see them, I don’t need to say more.


1. They even got the pieces of her jewelry right.

“Maxdonna”, that was a smart one. That chin down look, it’s ditto-same.

2. The blindfolded classic black and white.

His paws, and his body language. He is just nailing it.

3. The dreamy and wet beach look.

Max is loving the attention, I suppose.

4. Pretty in pink and Tiffany’s.

Awww, he is definitely having a princess moment.