16 Safety Tips that’ll Help You Out in Life-Threatening Troubles

One cannot predict an accident or a miss-happening. No matter how careful they are being, hence, it is more advisable to take certain precautions or be somewhat knowledgeable about the remedies which can be taken in the time of need.

From getting pushed forcefully into a car to a minor cut- there is nothing a human is not prone to. This article will assist you in understanding methods that can be used when you find yourself in any sort of danger.


1. Keep a fake HIV positive result in your bag to keep yourself protected from a situation when a guy is forcing him upon yourself.


2. If you are forced into a car, try to drop your personal belongings (not your phone) on the way as evidence.


3. Baking soda can be used to control the fire. It will work better than water.


4. Finding an escape from a sinking car when the doors are jammed becomes easier with the use of some hard object. Use the headstand of the car seat to break the glass.