21 Savage Women who are Not Afraid To Show their Funny Nature

Decades ago, if we were asked to define the simplest nature of a woman, we would have described them as fragile, docile, and poised. Because during those days women didn’t have the freedom to express themselves. Thankfully, that thinking didn’t last long, many free-spirited women rose and fought for their voices throughout history and made a place for themselves in society.

The calm and collected nature, sweet and innocent, that was all just a facade patriarchy forced them into believing they were. Now that we are in the new age of modernism and equality, we see women of all ages in different fields. Wait for it, also their shyness towards weirding-out has diminished entirely. If you don’t believe it, here are a few pictures that’ll show you the women of our time who just don’t give a damn, and will do whatever they want to in a hilarious way. Even if it’s super ridiculous!


1. This little girl ordered $300 worth of toys online without her parents knowing.

She is going to rule the world someday.


2. She wore this jacket and crawled in the snow calling herself a turtle.

We believe in you, Amanda!


3. Her costume is the Shark Tornado.

Only a woman can come up with an idea like this and still nail it!


4. Yeah, this is why women are called fearless.

There is a hidden Wonder Woman inside all of us, this one clearly has it.