18 Similar Words with Different Meanings described through Amusing Artworks

It’s okay to get your words mixed up unless you’re a writer. It’s very natural to get confused with similar sounding words that have different meanings. Even the professionals mess it up sometimes so who are we to get everything perfect, right?

Anyways, talking about this category, there is actually a term that defines this matter, it’s called homophones. So, basically, homophones stands for the type of words that sound alike and have different meanings with different spellings. Here are some illustrations that explain the situation with ease.


1. Bare means to be not clothed or covered in clothes.

And the bear is a dreadful mammal that likes honey for some reason.

2. A throne is a ceremonial chair for a royal to sit on.

Whereas ‘thrown’ is an action to rid off a thing/person by hands in the air.

3. The first word is used to ask and specify between two things.

And the word ‘witch’ specifies a female character with dark magical powers.

4. The first word is a form of a drug.

And the second is the female version of ‘hero’.