18 Cool Inventions that Should be Used Everywhere By Now 

Innovations are something which will never stop existing as long as people with creative heads live among us. Not only do they allow us to enjoy their peppy inventions but also make us realize what we have been missing out on for so long. This compilation is a sneak peek into things you never knew you needed.

These needs extend from wanting a paper towel holder with USB charger to a bath that has a shower tap on the other side so that you don’t harm yourself. In short, small yet useful things you will want to get your hands on.


1. This will allow men to relieve themselves while they get entertained. Makes so much sense.


2. These faucets are activated by the knee. Such a cool idea.


3. A bracelet to keep your keys safe while you are running.


4. In case you want to know how to feed stray dogs. Here’s a solution to it.

Wancleia Soares