20 Stimulating Things that’ll Amuse The Heck Out of You

We all have different ways to fill in the awkward pauses that exist in our day-to-day life. The few minutes of a time span where you can’t do anything much, like when you’re in the elevator, or in a quick bus travel, etc. But don’t you worry, there is a solution that can keep you entertained for times like these.

You know, how those mildly interesting pictures were never on your to-do list to sit and watch, well now is the right time to use them. When you get stuck in a moment where your brain is just bored enough to not be able to do anything else that’s when pictures like these come in handy. So, what are you waiting for, go for it!


1. “The thickness of my glasses lenses vs. my contact lenses”.

Wow! That is a big difference.

2. This sleek silver fish blending in with the background.

It feels like a trophy fish.


3. “The top of this charger says “top” in braille.”

How convenient this is.

4.  The bottom shelf of this console table has a wolf face.

And it kinda looks weird but cute.