Student gets Frustrated by An Immigrant Classmate until Reality Hits Him Down

Somebody taking up your spot or intruding in your private area can be very annoying, especially when you don’t like people crossing the boundaries. As normal as it is to have a restricted zone to ourselves anywhere we are; say, at home, at a workplace, college, school, restaurant, just about anywhere, it’s unfair when somebody does that.


And what if a certain person keeps on stacking their stuff on your desk every single day at class knowing that it’s where you sit every day? I think it will just boil our blood to the extreme that it’d dry up. With a similar situation, a college student tweets about his annoying classmate sitting beside him taking up his space all the time, he goes on to tweet about the story but you’d be surprised to see how it ends.

Thomas McFall, a management student from Hubbard, Ohio tweets his story about how a foreign student in his class always annoys him.

His muffin must really be good. But there’s no forgiving for keeping all his stuff in someone else’s desk.

Okay, we can sense how irritated Thomas is with the high fives he gets every single day.