Student gets Frustrated by An Immigrant Classmate until Reality Hits Him Down

Food, it’s always food. In order to make up for his ignorance, Thomas invited him for a bite.

Now they are talking and making real progress on the friendship.

Awww, now not only Tom but we all will cry. He is such a sweet man.

Tom learned a very important lesson here and I think a lot of us did too.

It is a beautiful and simple story with a heart-warming lesson that anyone can relate to. People may or may not behave in a way in front of us that we dislike or don’t approve of. We are quick into making assessments and making our own results of that person that we never reach out to know more. Presuming things can sometimes give us a hard time we didn’t ask for. So, it is always better to try and talk about the situation rather than just hating on someone.

(Credit: Thomas McFall)