20 Surreal Pics that’ll Beat the Art of Photo-Editing any Day

In the stream of photography and graphic art, professionals nowadays have many tools and apps that can enhance the quality of any picture. In fact, they can totally change the whole theme of a picture with a single click weaving gold threads from dust. This particular practice is a respected profession that takes time and talent to achieve.

But while we praise the artificial art, our mother nature is no less mystical. When the atmosphere, lands, and sea want to show their own magical art, we don’t need any photoshop to personalize or perfect them. The uniqueness and candid nature of those scenes stand out by themselves effortlessly. All we gotta do is look for them. Even the smallest pebbles have a story to tell. These pictures attached below will show you exactly how reality is 100 times more beautiful than man-made pictures.


1. The perfect alignments on this road.

They all look so pleasing to the eye.


2. This leaf is so indecisive.

Choose one, a petal or a leaf?

This tulip has a leaf that has half morphed into a petal from mildlyinteresting

3. Wait, they are flowers?

They kinda look like turkeys as well.

These flowers look like a group of tiny 3D-rendered chickens wearing glasses and holding a cake from mildlyinteresting

4. Okay, this shark is interested to come on land.

Hang in there buddy, it’s too hot here!

This Rock Shark in Naxos, Greece from mildlyinteresting