16 Unbelievable Tattoo Cover-Ups which Changed The Whole Game

Getting a tattoo is a real commitment and it takes a lot of thinking to do. Because it ain’t coming out that easy, the only way to get them off is through a laser therapy which will cost double the price and pain. So, yeah, the brain work is much needed. But some people, say out of idiocy, teen temperaments, or intoxication takes up dumb choices and makes the mistakes of getting horrible tattoos. Which later on, they regret and hide.

Lucky for them because they have saviors who can fix these bad choices. Artists who are good at covering up tattoos with new and improved tattoos. Their work is so refined and crisps that they leave no trace of the old tattoos.

Here are some of the best examples.


1. Now, she can remember that date of October proudly.

Because it obviously looks better now.


2. After the retouch, the cactus person looks so real.

As if it would jump off of the arm.


3. He realized that Marge is so much better than Mary.

Whoever Mary was, he has moved one now.


4. The sun, moon, and star, really?

Now, look at that purple night scene, awesome!