16 Tattoos that Symbolises Love&Bonding with Powerful Stories

Everything changes in the world, we can’t hold on or cling to certain memories forever which have a deep meaning to us. Maybe a photograph helps but some of us want more than that, so what do we do next? We go ahead and plaster them on our skin as tattoos. These are the most emotional and beautiful moments which we wanna carry wherever we go.

Many think that a tattoo is just another form of art and, yes, people get them because they want to and it doesn’t necessarily have to have a meaning behind it. But it becomes even more special when you have a story to tell with the ink that lingers across your skin. The ones we found on the internet with amazing and inspiring stories can’t be left unnoticed so we wanted to share this collection with all of you.


1. The owner of the tattoo got it in memory of her mother.

She says,

“My mom passed away 4 years ago and this was a block of text in a letter she sent me a year before she died. The spider and grasshopper were illustrations from Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter series that my mom read to me at bedtime. They became my imaginary friends as a child, and eventually an inside joke between my mom and me.”

Memorial tattoo done by Emily @ No Regrets in Loganville, Ga from tattoo

2. And this one is for a loving grandfather.

He must’ve been the energy that pushed her to do what she loved.

3. This one is also for a grandparent.

She used to work as a welder in the army.

Grandma was a welder for Dupont in the late 1940’s after getting out of the Army. Original Artist: E. Frantz. Inked by Ryne @ Inksmith & Rogers in Jacksonville, FL. (Original in comments) from tattoo

4. The father who embraced his daughter’s identity as a gift.

He is super proud of her daughter.