This Teacher’s Honest Post on Mental Abuse By Parents is Raving on The Internet

One of the most precious and respectful job in this world is the duty of a teacher, any kind of teacher, a high school teacher, professor, or a nursery teacher. All the mighty leaders we see today and the ones that have been laid 6ft under grown or burned to ashes, all had an incredible intellect but one thing they also have in common is the guidance of a dedicated teacher. While we aspired to become, Presidents, Astronauts, Artist, etc. these individuals learned and give back to the society by teaching for the rest of their lives.


And it’s a shame that we don’t give teachers the respect they deserve. Student, parents and even the board members kind of put the faculty in a mode where they can’t speak for themselves and can’t do their job properly. This situation is not a new topic, every nation is going through it. Here is an emotional story of a female who had to quit her passion because the world surrounding her denied her duty and dedication.

A sixth-grade teacher speaks her mind and we can’t help but share her thoughts with the world.

Julie Marburger teaches at Cedar Creek Intermediate School in Texas. She loves teaching and says that she has always wanted her own classroom with a bunch of students to whom she can impart knowledge.

But with the cruelty of being underpaid, underappreciated, and overworked, she broke down and couldn’t take it anymore.

Imagine having a real set of goal where you get to do what you genuinely love, but what happens when someone snatches that right away from you?

According to her own words, Julie has been meaning to leave her job after working as a teacher for two years in that school. She kinda figured out that the job was sucking everything from her and gave back nothing in return. The extra work-hours, the money she put into for the supplies, very thin pay-check and the most hurtful is no respect and acceptance from her students.

Also, adding to that was the parents, she couldn’t take it anymore so she wrote on Facebook about what happened and why it happened.

One of the parents of her students came to her with certain complaints about why their kid is failing in the test. Julie tried explaining the matter, but the parent just went off being rude towards her and mistreated her verbally.

Here is the post she uploaded on Facebook.

She states all her thoughts on the post and explained everything without revealing any names.

All she wanted was some respect in return for her hard work. But nope, life was just miserable there and she finally planned to move on after this incident.

Here are the pictures of her classroom she also shared.

A leftover gum stuck on the window.