20 Things which Are So Big that It’s Hard To Believe

The differences in sizes, shapes or any other structure of an object or animal are how we identify them physically. And since the beginning, we are used to seeing them in their normal sizes that when we see something very odd and big of the same group we get lost in awe. Say, for example, a sea turtle, they are colorful and beautiful but when we see the enormous size of a giant turtle, we are left with no words.

Most of the time the gigantic nature of these things intimidate us by making us feel so small compared to them. After all, we are only human, we may be complex intellectually but our physical structure is not that big.

In order to show you the level of differences in comparison, here are some pictures that will serve as hardcore evidence.


1. This is a model of the Blue Whale’s heart.

And it is represented in its actual size.


2. Titanic in comparison to a modern-day Cruise.

Cruises are like a city of the ocean.


3. School bus standing behind a huge dump truck.

You would need to use a literal flight of stairs just to get in the damn thing.


4. Inflated lungs of a horse post-mortem.

They are so huge.