16 Startling Pics that’ll Lighten Up Your Mood In A Jiffy

The sheer stress this hectic life bestows upon us, humans, cannot be overlooked at any cost. It is quite important to lose some of the stress in unconventional yet useful ways. For one, you can hit a bar on a busy Friday night or if you are among the lazy one in the lot you can go through a compilation which makes absolutely no sense.

By the end of this compilation, you will appreciate the randomness coming along with it and not to forget the surprise curling on your lips. In conclusion, you will appreciate the light chuckle and easy humor this compilation brings to you.


1. Here’s a transparent fish, we all love it to bits and won’t mind looking at it all day.


2. Adding salt to the wound of anyone who will lose a game of foosball but nevertheless, the best candy vending machine there is.


3. If you say you don’t wanna be under this shower, you are lying with a straight face.


4. Beautiful pumpkin spice tacos for everyone who wants to spice their lives up!