16 Times when Daddies Had the Most Memorable Bad Days

Every person on this earth has bad days that they couldn’t probably predict or prevented it anyway. One of the funniest group of people are the daddies. With the amount of pressure and exhaustion they have from raising kids and also running the family, there’s no doubt that they will screw it up sooner or later.

It’s just about the timing that they land up with, which is utterly cute and funny. And yes, the older they get the funnier their accidents are in completing simple household chores. Most men are great at it, even better than their wives, but some have to go through all the rocky stages of being the family guy with a couple of mistakes and bad days here and there.

These are some of the moments that topped the list.


1. He accidentally glued a miniature toy on his finger.

Now, he is trying his best to remove it.


2. His kid found out that tooth fairies don’t exist.

And the kid was also suspecting daddy this whole time, smart kid!


3. His dad gave him a haircut that resembles a character from the Simpsons.

Mommy won’t be happy about this at all.


4. Daddy wanted to get an action shot and threw a ball at his son.

That is going to be painful, he is going to feel so guilty.