20 Times when Mannequins were Placed in The Most Hilarious Ways

If mannequins give you the creeps this is not where you should be. On the other side, if spotting a weird looking mannequin is one of the activities that entertains and makes you laugh, then you clearly clicked on the right place.

For starters, many shopping places try their best to put up mannequins that would grab the attention of shoppers which is actually a good marketing strategy. But sometimes, they take it a little too far, therefore, giving birth to a group of no face mannequins that might fright you or take you by surprise. Some have a really good humor twist to it. Go through the compilation below and you’ll see how a mannequin can literally make you laugh.


1. Have never seen a woman with a flower-head but this one looks amazing.

Very fall inspired and all.


2. The shadow of the shades is giving this one a mustache.

Feeling the masculine side.


3. When will Nike learn to be realistic?

This is just unacceptable at all levels.


4. This is how most of us feel when there is no school.

Greatest feeling of all, right?