18 Times when A Mirror Reflection made A Photo Look Hilariously Wrong

You know why mirrors are used in the tricks of deception and illusions? It’s because they can reflect and create the same image of an object and also by placing them in weird angles, you can fool people and manipulate what they see. Even in the normal everyday use, mirrors can be really confusing and surprising with the image they capture of us and our surroundings.

While you think that you’re posing for the camera and just want to get ahold of a good picture, trust me if there is a mirror in the background, it’s very likely that the pic will be screwed. And even if you used the mirror for those “mirror selfies” make sure that you check your frame properly before you upload them on social media if you don’t wanna end up like these people below.


1. Woah, she has three hands!

Oh wait, that’s just the reflection of the customer.

2. We get to see her shower curtains, though it’s not that enchanting.

Maybe she wanted to show them off.

3. Is that a freaking leg holding up the phone?

This has top all of it.

4. Look at the size of this mirror in the men’s bathroom.

What is it’s purpose?