16 Tiny Details of Common Objects that You’ll Find Interesting

In our day-to-day lives, most of us focus on the bigger picture the present time holds. And we seek to move forward for a greater tomorrow. In this course of a journey, there comes a time when something we’ve been so used to raises a question in us. Like, say, why piggy banks are made in the shape of a pig, or why converse shoes have holes on the sides.

Yes, we ask simple questions, like why keyboards don’t have alphabetically ordered keys or why ice creams are served in a waffle cone, etc. Interesting huh? So if you want to get your hands into all those detailed info, welcome aboard.


1. The reason why sneakers have rubber toe toppers.

Back in the days, sneakers were mostly made for basketball players. And the purpose of the rubber toppers was to protect their toes from accidents.

VelesStudio/depositphotos   october75

2. Ever wondered why there are colored circles in food packages.

These circle doesn’t have anything to do with the food, it’s just the color of inks used in the printing of the package design.


3. The shape of the Turbo Gum.

This famous 90’s gum’s shape was inspired by the track created by a vehicle’s tire.

torange  Dobromila/wikimedia

4. How piggy banks got the shape of a pig.

The originals were called ‘pygg jars’ which came from the name of the clay ‘pygg’. Eventually, the name turned into ‘pig’ and that’s how the jar was transformed into a pig’s form.

isavedahomestead  Joyous!/wikimedia