16 Hilarious Tweets about Adulthood that You’ll Nod and Agree with

People can have all kinds of opinions on everything else except for ‘Adulting’. Everyone will agree with me on this, there is no need for disagreeing here. If you’re thinking that once you hit that age everything will fall into its place and things will sort itself out, no! It’s not that simple, there is no way to say that being an adult is easy.

While being an adult gives you independence and freedom, it also comes with responsibilities which you’ll never stop learning till you die. Frankly speaking, it just doesn’t end. If you disagree here, you might wanna check out these tweets, maybe they’ll shed some light on you.


1. Every time I try to order food online, I think of this and cry on the inside.

And still, end up ordering anyway.


2. And imagine talking to an arrogant colleague with a neck like that.

It’s just hard, that’s all.


3. This right here, can we all say a prayer together for this ‘regular person’.

Because s/he really needs one.


4. Now, all we want is naptime for 24 hours.

Childhood was awesome, it really was.