16 Tweets that You’ll Definitely Find Amusing if You’re Completely Single

In the 21st century, the definition or let’s just say the idea of ‘dating’ has been overruled, manipulated and evolved into something entirely different which doesn’t stay true to its roots anymore. The world and its people have gone through drastic changes so thus their emotional capabilities. In olden days it was more about staying true and caring for the significant other no matter what but now everyone has a choice and self-love always comes first.

So what does this increasing self-love do to our society? Yes, we see a lot of independent men and women who are strong and confident but single during their prime age. Some may say that they’re emotionally unavailable and can’t love anyone else but themselves. The truth is, this resistance comes from fear, fear of being vulnerable and wearing their heart on their sleeves. They build bearers because they fear ‘getting hurt’. Like it or not, I think 7 out of 10 people today are single because of this reason. Also, the dry humor that comes with it is annoyingly spectacular, check them out!

Get ready to relate with these tweets ten thousand freaking times!


1. This is where the suffocation starts, where you want someone but can’t decide to let them in.


2. Sometimes we’re just complicated enough within ourselves, no need of a partner at all.


3. When Love is infectious to you all the way to space.


4. This explains all of our crushes that are way out of our leagues but our mind is a lovely garden that can grow anything.