20 Tweets By Women which are More Than “Just Funny”

Being a woman in a world with history is not at all easy. We are misunderstood too many times and for that reason alone, we eat an entire chocolate cake for dinner. Though there might not be many inexplicable situations, these women tried to explain some through limited characters on Twitter.

These tweets will go down in history as there is a pinch of ‘her’ in them as well. Who am I kidding? ‘Her’, here is, the elephant in the room which is begging to be discussed. So without further ado, let’s go through this hilarious tweets.


1. Adulting has never been anyone’s strong game. It has been hard through and through.

*sobs in a corner*


2. No one is home. Something some of us can relate to.


3. Just like humans decide which cow to wear instead of dogs.


4. This float might have the ability to absorb the entire pool. Not something you’d want.