Twitter is Raving Over these pictures of Brad Pitt And His Striking Similarity to His Girlfriends

Brad Pitt has been the center of our world since the day smirked on-screen for the first time. His drool-worthy looks along with that rugged jaw can cut any heart into pieces. Through the years, we have noticed every single keen detail about this charming hunk. But there is something that our eyes missed completely.

Mr. Pitt also being called as one of the sexiest man alive has dated quite a number of A-listed women in the past years. From his infamous separation from equally popular Jennifer Aniston to his latest ex Ms. Jolie, there was one major detail the world missed out-  Brad Pitt as he dates these beautiful women, he becomes them.


 The long locks the then-couple adorned and flaunted to the world.


Brad surely could match up with the hairstyle of his significant other.


He even twinned his hat with his woman. How very charming!


The slick hairstyle he sported so that he doesn’t appear to be fashionably backward beside Angelina.