16 Unfathomable Images that’ll Put A Dumb Smile on your Face

If we go on a quest of trying to find out all the answers to photographs which don’t have any proper context, do you think there will ever be an end? No, right? Like, you know, an inspection or playing detective, I bet you all love being sneaky! Though the expedition game seems endless, it would be fun to try out, isn’t it?

You don’t have to stress much about the pictures because the sky ain’t the limit. We have an abundance of it, thanks to the Internet! So, what are we waiting for? It’s time for us to start the journey and let’s see what we find as we go. This is going to be fun and interesting!


1. Whoa, this is some neat transformation.

For a second I thought the picture on the right was his wife.


2. So, the escalator is for thicker people and vice versa?

Isn’t that the opposite?


3. Yes, he carries around his desktop.

I give up trying to figure this out.


4. This is the sky of Rome looking like a TV static.

I guess it’s a humongous migration of insects.