18 Unique Life Hacks which Might Be Questionable But Works

The world of the internet is filled with enough lifehacks to last you a lifetime. We all can vouch for the same. It’s every other day we stumble upon a compilation claiming to be the best in the field. But who needs the best anyway when you can have something that makes sense.

Repeat after me, every hack is legit if it works and as it turns out, every single one in the below gallery is working just fine. There is no denying the fact that some of them might be questionable. However, the good news is no one is questioning them.


1. Your desktop is heating too much for your liking? Stick up some ice packs on it’s back.


2. When you want to get married but you can only get along with people you find on the internet.


3. Getting a phone holder on the plane might be difficult but sometimes, a creative mind is all you need.


4. Selling a desk can be difficult when you do not have a measuring scale at hand.

But in case, you have a chiweenie, you can use it as well.