18 Untold Food Facts which You’ll Find Simple Yet Shocking

The idea of food consumption has changed rapidly, during the olden days it was all for the means of survival and now it’s all about the cuisine, the Michelin star and what not. Food has become a growing pop culture that defines a particular ethnicity and it’s specialty, the modern day has made the food culture as a huge branch of civilization and hospitality.

So now let’s come to the main part. While eating any kind of food, our taste buds have a certain way of reacting towards them which can be the result of the food’s color, taste, smell, amount, etc. Whether it’s our taste buds doing its own thing or our brain is just assuming things, we don’t know. But these food facts that we have below will surely make you feel at home because they are all true. Gaze through them and decide for yourself.


1. The Coke at McDonald’s always tastes better than regular Coke.

I can preach for this because I hate soda but McDonald’s Coke is hard to deny.


2. There are a heck lot of people who claim that cereal tastes better at night.

So why don’t we change it from breakfast special to midnight snack?


3. Fries that are at the bottom of the bag always taste better any day.

This is because most of the seasoning falls down and stick to the bottom of the bag.


4. The ranch is yummier when you eat out in a restaurant.

Because the time and energy that takes you to make it at home drive out all the tastes enthusiasm. Plus maybe the restaurants have a secret recipe.