20 Wedding Photographs that are Amazing because of their Failures

After putting your heart and soul into planning the big day to finally tie the knot with your beloved, the thing you’d be most worried about is your wedding day being ruined. It can be all sorts of reasons, drunk guests, wardrobe malfunctions, weird photographs, bad foods, etc. Almost anything can happen like any other occasions.

But yes, it’s a special day so you want it perfect and you want it to stay that way until the reception gets over. Regardless of getting what you wish for, sometimes things don’t turn out as you planned. Here are some of those embarrassing wedding moments that we don’t want happening to us or anyone we love.


1. She is going to be furious when she sees this picture.

Pray that you don’t get kicked out.


2. Planned for a wedding photo shoot in the fields, he got stung by a bee.

Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Maddie Mae

3. The cat was showing off it’s behind for the newlyweds.

It is the cat’s way of showing love for the couple.


4. Imagine walking into a wedding reception and wearing the dress identical to the tablecloth.

What an embarrassing moment.