16 Weird Photos that’ll Raise Everyone’s Eyebrow In Unison

As if it wasn’t enough that we have been forced through so many years in school and college for the sake of education, the ever-present internet sets itself on fire to test our intelligence quotient with rather random pictures. The images in this compilation are eerie enough, you will tilt your head to one side wondering why the heck did you think of clicking on this story?

Now, that you have already made the decision of going through with this one – let me warn you, there is no happy ending for you here. All you will be left with is some head-scratching and forehead pulling because damn if these pictures won’t raise some questions.


1. As we all might be aware, his middle name is ‘care’.


2. Chad coming to steal your girl! If you can, stop him but that is not humanly possible, is it?


3. That lizard sitting there like, ‘Be fearless, human. I will protect you till the end of time.’


4. This hairstyle can give any model a run for their money. Superb!