20 Whimsical Food Items that You’d Wanna Save in a Bottle

In this world of greatness and abundance of things that we still can’t figure out, we have another pile of food items that don’t go with the everyday meal we consume. We are used to seeing normal-shaped pretty fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of snacks. But what if they try to surprise you a bit? No, we don’t have any valid reason to explain these food items but they sure do stir interest.

The causes can be a genetic mutation or in the case of snacks, just a bunch of machinery anomalies. Either way, they are still quite edible. They just look different and weird. Normal is so overrated, so we don’t mind crazy-looking nutrition. Remember, nothing is perfect in this world, nor us or our food. So, just sit still and enjoy the varied and wild everyday food going gaga.


1. An extra odd-looking egg trying to look as unique as possible.

Yes, you definitely nailed it!


2. Aww, this pineapple stole my heart.

Why so cute, huh?


3. Incredibly large blueberries.

They are like the giant size of berries.


4. A grape trying to imitate a pumpkin.

I bet it loves Halloween.