16 Witty Pics that’ll Mischievously Steal A Chuckle From You

One will say having gala time isn’t as easy at it is supposed to be. With everything becoming harder and harder to attain in this world, many can vouch for the fact that life is a complete and utter disappointment. The rather simple things are turning complicated with the curvy lips becoming a rare sight. Having a strong belief in the Internet community one should never give up the search for something which has the capacity to create a laughter machine out of you.

We cannot ascertain the creation of a laughter machine but there are a few chuckles you will be able to pick up while scrolling through this compilation.

You are welcome!


1. When you are well aware of what is important if life, you will cross any hurdle on the way.


2. Henceforth, we strive to drink better and live better.


3. Everyone deserves to be hugged by a giant ball of fur to feel cozy and warm.


4. In case you weren’t aware of it already- this is how you play guitar.