This Woman shares Emotional Treat Day with Her Dog before Putting Her To Sleep Forever

What a friend we have in a pet! Whether it is a dog, a cat or a bird, any living animal that we brought into our houses to live with us become apart of our family. We gradually get attached to them and so do they. Even though they speak a different language, they understand our emotions and actions.

Losing a pet can be a troublesome journey because it’s just like losing someone from your family. You love them unconditionally but then life takes it turns and you gotta say goodbye, the hardest part ever. One particular dog owner also had to bid farewell to her dog. She recorded the last day that they spent together on her Snapchat. It is the most beautiful and painful moment in both their lives.


This is Hannah, an American pit bull terrier.

She has been suffering from serious seizures the past few months. These seizures were a result of the medication and prescription she has been consuming for her weak kidneys, elbows, and hips. If she stopped taking her treatment she won’t be able to walk at all. And for this hurtful reason, her owner had to take action and let her pain go away forever.

The owner has made her decision to give Hannah a peaceful death rather than continuous suffering.

It seems like she knows what is going to happen to her. You can feel the emotion in her eyes.

She has fought her weakness and battled it out for quite some time, but now it is time for her to rest.

With the caption, “The stairs are hard. The hills are mountains. The pills don’t work”.