Woman Tweets Positive Story on How Friendship Cured Her Depression after Losing her Father

Losing someone dearly is a very emotional and hard path to go through. Because the excruciating pain that comes from within only exists when it actually happens for real. Many people have a hard time recovering from deaths of their family and close friends, some even go through depression which leads to more psychological issues.

When depression gets the best of you, you just get overwhelmed by the situation and try to stay away from all normal behaviors. You start losing friends, social activities, and then you’re all alone. People suffering from depression hardly seek help because their mind is busy trying to hide away from people. At times like these, all we can offer is the help of communication and company to those who are suffering from depression.


A woman named Sheila recently shared a twitter thread about her own experience with depression and it has a beautiful end to it.

Sheila is a writer and film critic who lives in New York now in her new apartment. Her father passed away and after that, she just lost it. She couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Losing her father broke her to the core. She cried for 19 days straight, couldn’t move a muscle. Didn’t even unpack her stuff.

Her high school friend David, a true angel was the one who took the bullet for his friend who needed much help.

David mailed some of their mutual friends saying that she needs company and helped unpack her stuff.

No one likes it when even a friend tries to cross their personal space, so it was a big risk to take for David. But he knew if he didn’t do this, what kind of a friend he would be? Just because she didn’t ask for it doesn’t mean he can’t offer.

Their friends came over and they all started doing their bit to put things in place.

Not only did they unpack but they decorated her walls by hanging pictures, placed her books on the shelves. They literally are sweethearts.