Artist Recreates His Memories Through Miniature Art

Big or small, colored or monotoned, art is art. The wide variety of study of Art in the whole wide world is ever evolving, bringing up fresh new ideas or reinventing the old ones. It never seems to stop. And we like it that way. Because in a world of billions of people, you never know which form of art can pop up any minute from every corner.

51-year-old Eddie Putera is one of them. He hails from Malaysia and is specialized in miniature artwork with photography as well. It’s the best of both worlds for him as he creates marvelous pieces that mimic exact sightings which he recovers from his past memories and brings them to life in his incredible work.


dont have nothing to post, so i post a self portrait of me. Pls dont vomit. lols

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It seems that Eddie gives more attention to details which act as a piece of the puzzle to his models.

It would be shameful to say his work is unrealistic because it looks much better than reality itself.

It’s crazy how he manages to make all the little bits and parts look so real, no doubt it must’ve taken him a lot of time.

And that’s when Iron Man took over his office area.

Eddie also loves his nicotine pipe right beside his dark coffee while working on his projects.

Heavy Fuel for tots. Dark strong caffaine and thick smelly nicotine.

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He is also famous for his rustic work which is the true beauty of nature, pointing out the aged and old.

Look at this creation of Yoda; every wrinkle is exactly the same.

Only a great mind of precision and patience can fathom such artwork, and we are very proud to cross paths with an artist like Eddie. We wish well in his work for more future diorama sets.

(Source: Instagram)