14-Year-Old Girl refurbishes 1974 Old Camper with Just $200 And The Result Is Astonishing

When summer comes along, kids all over the world are overjoyed to have their long-awaited break and enjoy the vacation with friends and family. Most families go on trips abroad, spend time together and explore new places. But for those who stay at home, they also take up some projects or get summer jobs.


A teenage girl named Ellie Yeater from Williamstown, West Virginia took up on a project during her summer holidays that stole the attention of many people on social media. What she did was not ordinary at all, she managed to transform an old 1974 camper into a cute and cozy glamper by her own.


Ellie and her family live on a 60-acre land which gives them a lot of space for camping and other outdoor activities.

The huge space of land was one of the reasons why Ellie decided to build her own private space where she can hang-out with her friends. And when she saw an ad for an old camper at $200 in a bulletin board, she knew it was what she needed. So, she went and bought the camper and that’s how it all started.


The camper was in bad shape, it needed refurbishing badly.

The floor was peeling off, the windows were rusted, the furniture inside also needed a change. Basically, everything needed to be changed. So, Ellie along with her family stripped down the camper and gave it a deep clean to start over.