14-Year-Old Girl refurbishes 1974 Old Camper with Just $200 And The Result Is Astonishing

The interior gives off a very Pinterest Vintage vibe.

The way the vintage camera is hanged, the retro table fan and also the napkins Ellie’s grandma made for her. Everything is so cute and perfect.


And this is how the old and grungy camper transformed into a girly comforting space for a teenage girl.

Ellie saved up her birthday money and the money she got from doing her chores to get all the other items needed. The throw pillows, the curtains, and the hint of blue just look so amazing all together. She added some lights as well.


Her family was so supportive and helpful in the whole process.

She says,

“I couldn’t have gotten this far on this project without my family helping me bring my vision to life.”


All her friends are so going to love this cozy place.


Setting a project like this at such a young age and also completing it with success only makes one think that this child can do anything if she sets her mind to it. We’re so proud of Ellie and her productiveness, kids today and even adults can learn a lot from her.

(Source: WoodCraft)