Artist Creates The “Human” Version of Disney Characters in His Breathtaking Paintings

Our love for Disney doesn’t need any form of explanation, whatsoever. There is an undeniable bond between its characters and our hearts which we cherish. Our favorite Disney characters have time and again managed to bring a grin on our face. They tug our tiny little hearts.

Whether it be the beautiful Snow White or ferocious Maleficent, their strong and kind character won over us. Growing up with Disney has been a joyful process. Jirla Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen, a 28-year-old Finnish artist -who like the rest of us grew up admiring Disney movies- decided to use his talent for reproducing some of his favorite characters, and it shouldn’t come out as a shocker.

Through his art, he brings Disney characters to life. His artful creations have a personality of their of their own. From Moana to Jasmine, every single creation is so lifelike, you will be astonished.


1. Moana.

Our love for Moana is further fueled by how wild and bold she will be if she comes to life.


2. Jasmine.

This princess cannot stop being the prettiest of all.


3. Maleficent.

Oh, that jaw and those eyes can kill anyone with their sharpness.


4. Anastasia.

That gaze is capable of slaying anyone who comes its way.