Artist Creates Spectacular Paintings of Women Underwater and They’re Majestic

The Californian artist Isabel Emrich has been quite taken by the idea of depicting stunning women submerged in water. Her artful strokes capture the most intricate beauty floating in the opacity of water with sunshine by creating a hazy aura. Her subjects float in the water as she paints them on a canvas creating an absolutely stunning sight.

She says,

“My underwater collection is inspired by exploring the sensations of peacefulness and calmness, combined with the energy from the movement of the waves you feel when submerged.”




In her own words, she defines her works as “an Expressionistic style that straddles both abstraction and figuration”.

With a rather spectacular artwork, she uses her style to depict the glassy beauties. Her color palette for the work is rather colorful and vibrant, a blend which is capable of making anyone mesmerized with a single look. One can feel the excruciating energy which leads to the layered painting on her canvas.