6-Month-Old Baby Is Driving Instagram Crazy with her Glorious Hair

We all long for thick and lustrous hair, spending enough money to finance a small family but like the stubborn curls, they refuse to be tamed because apparently, Miley Cyrus, has been too much of an influence. Luckily some people are born with the extravagance that is gorgeous curls. I am going to introduce to a baby who didn’t have to go through hell to have a stunning mane, she was born in December 2017 and in 2018, she rules the hair kingdom.

Meet the little ball of cuteness –  baby Chanco. If you can resist this little charmer, you can resist just about everything.

Chanco’s parents expected her to lose her thick curls as she grew older which happens with babies all over the world but in contrast to that, her soft girls went even crazier.

Even 26 weeks later, she continued to rock those curls.

She reminds us of a doll when she is sleeping peacefully.