Boyfriend Falls Asleep On A Roadtrip and gets Trolled by Internet Users upon Her GF’s Request

You know how annoying it gets when you try to have a conversation with someone or just spend time with them but all they want to do is sleep. Say, like a couple travels together but then the husband falls asleep throughout the journey missing out all the moments in between. Yeah, she will be very disappointed.

Similarly, a girl name Eria and her boyfriend Scott were traveling. And after a while Scott just dozed off, finding it very annoying Eria came up with a funny idea to make sure her boyfriend doesn’t miss out anything during the trip. She uploaded a picture of Scott sleeping on a Facebook page called I’m telling God with the caption, “Please take this picture of my bf ‘having fun’ on our road trip and put different scenes/travel destinations in the window. I’m going to tell him about all the stuff he missed while he was zonked.”

The responses and feedback Scott’s picture got back would be good enough to keep him company in all his future travels. Here are the funny memes.

That dog is trying to figure out what Scott had for breakfast.

A little bit of illusion is never too bad, right?

Vin looks so jealous of his sleep. He clearly wants one.

I think you better wake up now, Scott! There is an explosion.