20 Bizarre but Amusing Moments that People Ever Captured In Airports

5. I swear this person is late for Thanksgiving.

So, he had to get the chicken/turkey somehow.

Seriously? Found @ London City airport security point from WTF

6. This little boy met Rosie Huntington and had the perfect t-shirt reference.

Such a cutie he is.

My cousin met a Victoria’s Secret model at the airport. Perfect day to be wearing that shirt. from pics

7. When the husband asks, “Honey, what do you want from Nebraska”?

And wifey says, “The first branch that hits your shoulder”. How romantic!

someone checked in a stick at the airport… from mildlyinteresting

8. High time we disown the family?

Ahhh, just kidding, they’re all so cute.

We decided to embarrass our daughter at the airport after 3 months away. (we don’t normally dress this way) from funny