Clothing brand ‘Missguided’ Redefines Beauty with 6 “Flawed” Gorgeous Women

Next up is Maya Spencer-Berkeley.

Maya, a young 20-year-old, full of potential for her life ahead is a girl who also has Epidermolysis Bullosa, a genetic case where the skin gets blisters easily and leaves red marks all over it.

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She didn’t let her marks consume her, instead, she accepted it as a part of her.

Tb to this shoot with @georgiaplomer modelling a scarf 🧣

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And now we have Isabella Fernandes.

At a young age of 17, Isabella was caught in a fire mishap which led to her state of skin condition with scars and marks on her body. Anyone would be emotional with a trauma like that but she chose to show off her body than to hide it.

In pastels for @missguided #inyourownskin #keeponbeingyou #oneofthem

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