16 Deceptive Pics that’ll Make You Doubt Everything From Now On

There’s a lot one can take from the idea being thrown at them through ads. Either they are completely genuine (which they are not) or they mislead you (which they definitely do). We as customers fall into the trap of this overzealous presentation of a product which most of the time we do not even need.

However, in totality, we end up buying most of them and what we get is not what we paid for. This goes for the advertisements which our eyes miss. There are some of the ads which clearly fail the test of being genuine. Here are some of them proving to us why we tend to have trust issues.


1. When you go out to test out their claim and they fail at it, doesn’t it hurt terribly?


2. The door is hitting the gym with her. Hence, the curves.

eBaum’s World

3. The picture here is definitely misleading. We were expecting a lot more Oreos on the ice cream.


4. This one tugs your heart in places that didn’t exist before. Or should I say stomach?